Yellow Diamond Hotel
Branding Visual Identity
The Yellow Diamond Hotel Visual Identity project aimed to craft a sophisticated and contemporary brand that embodies an authentic Hawaiian hospitality experience. Situated at the front bay of Waikiki Beach, the goal was to create a visual identity that exudes celebration, drawing inspiration from local elements like Le’ahi (Diamond Head), the Pacific Ocean, and the iconic yellow Ilima flower.
As the lead designer, my role encompassed conceptualizing and executing the entire visual identity for the Yellow Diamond Hotel. This included logo design, color palette selection, typography choices, and the creation of visual assets.
Tools Used
The project leveraged Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. These tools were instrumental in achieving precision and creativity in design, ensuring that the visual identity captured the essence of the Hawaiian experience while maintaining a refined, modern aesthetic.
Challenges Faced
Balancing the refinement of a luxury hotel experience with the authenticity of Hawaiian culture presented a unique challenge. It was imperative to create a visual identity that felt both opulent and rooted in local traditions.
Selecting a color palette that harmoniously blended the hues of the Pacific Ocean and the vibrant yellow of the Ilima flower required careful consideration. Additionally, incorporating the symbolism of Le’ahi (Diamond Head) into the design without overwhelming the visual identity posed a creative challenge.
design Process overview


Logo Sketches

Brand Guidelines

The Yellow Diamond Hotel Visual Identity project resulted in a cohesive and visually striking brand representation for the luxury tropical hotel. The logo combines elements of refinement and Hawaiian culture, effectively referencing the iconic Le’ahi and the yellow Ilima flower. The chosen color palette infuses a sense of the Pacific Ocean's majesty and the vibrancy of Oahu’s flora.
This visual identity is seamlessly integrated across various touchpoints, including signage, marketing collateral, and digital assets. It successfully conveys the essence of celebration and exclusivity that the Yellow Diamond Hotel offers to its discerning guests, positioning it as an authentic and refined destination in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Stationary and other print collaterals

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