About Aline
Hi there, I'm Aline Monjardim (she/her), and I'm a versatile creative designer and illustrator based in Vancouver, Canada.
With a background in Geography and a passion for creative expression, I bring an interdisciplinary approach to my work, combining systemic research, creative strategy, and holistic problem-solving practices.

Since diving into the world of design in Fall 2019, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of clients, from business owners to studios, on projects spanning branding, publication design, and illustration.

My journey led me to secure roles such as Creative Assistant and Social Media Manager at RestorFX International Inc., where I honed my skills in a fast-paced startup environment. However, my true passion lies in illustration, and after almost two years with RestorFX, I decided to focus on this specialization. This decision led me to my current role as a Contract Graphic Designer/Illustrator at The Self Publishing Agency, where I continue to pursue my love for storytelling and creativity.

I'm deeply committed to collaboration and strive to create work that resonates with audiences. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the beautiful landscapes of Vancouver with my husband, Adam, and our beloved Siberian husky mix, Pickles.
To collaborate with me, reach out via email at alinemonj@gmail.com.​​​​​​​
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