Lululemon en Vogue
Outdoor Fashion Editorial Design for Multi-Platform
The Outdoor Fashion Editorial Design for Multi-Platform project aimed to redesign a Vogue article featuring Lululemon, incorporating a printed editorial layout. The primary objectives were to introduce and implement typographic hierarchy, precise grid systems, and strategic layout choices essential to editorial design. This project strived to seamlessly adapt the content for both print and digital platforms, providing a versatile and visually engaging reader experience.
As the lead designer, my role encompassed conceptualizing and executing the entire editorial layout for the Lululemon feature in Vogue. This included meticulous consideration of typographic elements, grid structures, and layout choices to ensure a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design across various platforms.
Tools Used
Adobe InDesign was the central tool utilized for this project, providing the necessary features for precise layout design. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were employed for image editing and vector graphics, respectively. These tools facilitated the seamless integration of text and visuals for a visually compelling editorial spread.
Challenges Faced
Balancing typographic elements with visual content to maintain reader engagement was a key challenge. Achieving an optimal typographic hierarchy while ensuring the layout remained responsive across different platforms required careful consideration and iteration.
Adapting the design for both print and digital platforms presented a unique set of challenges. Striking a balance between print-friendly resolutions and digital responsiveness demanded meticulous attention to detail.
design Process overview
The Outdoor Fashion Editorial Design for Multi-Platform project resulted in a dynamic and visually captivating editorial spread that seamlessly integrates the Lululemon feature into Vogue. The implementation of precise typographic hierarchy and grid systems enhances the reader's visual journey, emphasizing key information while maintaining aesthetic appeal.
The responsive design ensures a consistent and engaging reader experience across various platforms, whether in print or digital format. This project serves as a testament to the effective fusion of typography, layout, and visual elements in editorial design, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of content for contemporary multi-platform publishing. The Typography Project from BCIT in 2020 stands as a testament to the proficiency and expertise in editorial design.

Spread and iPad view

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