"Come Out Swinging"
Go Places Multimedia Campaign
The "Come Out Swinging" Multimedia Campaign for Go Places aimed to promote adventure tours offered by the fictional local travel agency in Vancouver, specializing in the exhilarating rope-swing activity. The primary objectives were to create a dynamic and compelling campaign that would capture the attention of potential customers. This campaign involved the creation of printed advertisements in the major newspaper, the Georgia Straight, as well as digital advertisements on platforms like Facebook and travel-centered websites.
As the lead designer, my role encompassed conceptualizing and executing the entire multimedia campaign for Go Places. This included designing the printed ad for the Georgia Straight and creating digital ads optimized for Facebook and travel-focused websites. It was essential to ensure a consistent visual identity across all media platforms.
Tools Used
Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Photoshop and Illustrator, were instrumental in creating the visual elements for the campaign. These tools provided the necessary features for image manipulation, graphic design, and layout composition. Additionally, web-based design tools were employed to optimize digital assets for online platforms.
Challenges Faced
One of the key challenges was crafting visuals that conveyed the adrenaline rush and excitement of the rope-swing activity while maintaining a sense of safety and trust associated with a travel agency. Striking this balance required careful selection of imagery and design elements.
Creating assets for both print and digital media demanded a nuanced approach. Achieving high-quality resolution for printed ads while ensuring digital assets were optimized for various screen sizes and resolutions required meticulous attention to detail.
design Process overview
Thumbnail sketches

Rough sketches of different layouts

Sketches of two finalist concepts

The "Come Out Swinging" Multimedia Campaign for Go Places successfully delivered a captivating and dynamic advertising campaign that effectively promoted adventure tours centered around rope-swinging. The printed ad in the Georgia Straight and the digital ads on platforms like Facebook and travel-focused websites featured visually engaging content that showcased the thrill and allure of the activity.
The campaign demonstrated a cohesive visual identity, allowing potential customers to recognize Go Places across different media channels. This project exemplifies the fusion of creativity, visual composition, and layout design, creating a powerful promotional tool for the fictional travel agency. The Visual Composition & Layout Project from BCIT in 2020 showcases expertise in multimedia advertising and design.

Newspaper Ads (Black.and White)

Facebook adĀ for desktop

Facebook ad for mobile

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